Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon

Today I got an opportunity to interview Sery Kwon. She is currently a senior who’s majoring in painting. She was from Korea but now resides in Downey, California. Today’s show, Transference, was not her only show for this semester since she did held several art galleries in the past. Transference was a collaboration among many artists but specifically, she had three paintings up for viewing. Below are two pictures of her work as well as the title for the show case.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sery’s work were inspired by maps, terrains, and landscapes. She worked on the canvas by putting it on the floor and scraped and added layers to it to give it a 3D effect. She decided to use black as a background color because it enabled the rest of the colors to pop out. As for the materials, she used acrylic and paint pens to mix the two mediums together to create her “own pathway”. For both of her paintings, it took her approximately one month to complete.

As for the piece that she stood next to, the materials were made out of ripped canvas from her previous paintings as well as blank canvas. She purposely placed the ripped painting an inch to two away from the wall so it can reflect the red and black shadows on the wall when lights shine on it. As for the inspiration for this ripped canvas, she just go crazy on it and want to make it unique. She currently do not have a website or other similar online media.


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