Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Luis Rangel

Sadly, this week is the last week to have conversations at the Courtyard Galleries. However, I am super excited for my winter break and cannot wait. As for today, it is not the usual one-on-one classmate interview but a group interview of three. I’ve known Jack since I interviewed him several weeks back and we still talk to each other every Thursdays at the Gallery. Today we both interviewed Luis Rangel  for our classmate conversation and after interviewing Luis, we decided to team up with him and his buddies for the FINAL scavenger hunt. YAY!!!!! Now, let me introduce Luis to you (readers) more in depth.


Luis is a first year college student who was majoring in business marketing but now switched to communication. In ten years from today, he  would imagine himself work in the advertisement industry with billboards. His favorite type/genre of music is Alternative. When he was a kid, Goosebumps was his favorite book. If he could be anyone for one day, he would like to be someone who’s rich and famous to experience the fame. As for his three wishes, he would like unlimited Korean barbecue, gas, and internet on his phone. The Walking Dead is his favorite show so far because it’s so thrilling and captivating. If Luis could explore the world, he would like to visit Africa.

Question of the Week! 

  • What Art has made the biggest impact on your life?
    • The tea lady really inspired him because her showcase was phenomenal and interesting.

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