WK 12 – EC – Class Review

Art 110 really opened my eyes and minds about what arts really are and how to appreciate different types of mediums. Before the first day of school, I thought this class would be really mellow since the title of the class “Intro to the Visual Arts” implies that there will only be the visual aspect to it. I was not aware of me doing the class activities, making a website, and blogging posts. I have to admit, even though this class is fun and manageable to get an A, it was time consuming to do the activities as well as blogging three posts a week.

Throughout the semester, there are activities that I enjoyed doing while others, not so much.  Those that I like are: plaster casting, graffiti painting and fiber art because those are fun, creative, hands on and are straight forward/not confusing. Whereas activities such as: transmedia storytelling, mobile public art: somebody, and geocache are super time consuming and confusing.

On Tuesdays class, I believe the class are not as engaging because Glenn offers the option of broadcasting his lecture on Periscope so as a result, not a lot of people are present in the classroom physically. For those very little amount of students who came plus the huge classroom size allows the students to scatter and spread far away from each other. I’m not saying that having a lecture on Periscope is a bad thing, indeed it is very good because students who work and only have one class on Tuesdays such as myself for example, can still watch the lecture and won’t fall behind.

In the future, if Glenn still decides to broadcast lectures on Periscope, just cancel the Tuesdays class at school and lecture it in the comfort of his own home while students join him. Or if he decides to remain it hybrid, half periscope and half face-to-face, then forced all of the students to sit on the first 8 rows in the center. Doing this can allow the students to be closer to each other as well as giving them an opportunity to interview their neighbors more thoroughly on Thursdays. Again, I did enjoyed this class and really appreciates the work Glenn had put out as well as his effort to make sure students understand and love art.


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