Wk 12 – Activity – ePortfolio

Before, my goal for this website is intended entirely for Art 110, making sure that is is easy for Glenn to grade and won’t waste any more of his time then he needs to. With this ePortfolio activity, I did not made any major changes to my website but instead, I add a headline on the top right hand corner of the page called, “My Past, My Present, My Future!”. When people click on this headline, it will re-direct them to my autobiography that talks about my life in the past, present and the future. This way, I feel my readers can get to know me better as a person and not just some random strangers uploading blogs/posts up weekly.

My goals for my website is to inspire people with art ideas/projects, knowledge about the Army or jobs in the medical professions, but ultimately, I want future employers to visit my page and see my growth and maturity over time. I hope when they read my blogs/posts, they can relate to it and hopefully give it a positive laugh. My intended audience are college students and faculties, military personnel, and medical professionals.

I want to communicate to them through my professionalism, expertise both in the military side as well as the civilian world, and most importantly, my qualifications and skills. I’m achieving this through my educations at CSULB and the Army. Throughout my careers and education, I want to blog my accomplishments as well as findings of new job positions available or upcoming deployment opportunities.

Before and After Pictures 




After with “My Past, My Present, My Future” heading on right hand top corner




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