Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Art

Hello! For today’s post, I will be talking about my experience of making a wall hanging fiber/leather art piece. First off, I’m a HUGE fan of the dream catcher and was glad that I got the chance to actually make an art piece that can hang on a wall this week. I would hang a dream catcher in my room but I would rather hang it inside my car instead because it just look way better.


I hanged this dream catcher I bought at the Pow Wow event at CSULB on the passenger side.

I don’t particularly have nightmares at night but I just love the many different patterns, colors, and designs of the dream catchers. This week’s activity was perfect since it allows me to test out my artistic skill as well as using the materials I already have at home. I’m not artistic enough to make a dream catcher but I was able to replicate a similar looking (dream catcher) wall hanging art piece.

For my art work, I uses white fabric, circle rings (wood), (fake) leather strip and lastly, hot glue. This was my first time using all of these materials and combine it together. It went neatly since I already had the design in mind before I actually started so it wasn’t bad. Once I finished, I did get the result I was expected and felt accomplished yet satisfied. Since the majority of the materials of this art piece was made entirely out of leather strips, I can’t think any differently about the idea of Fiber Art.

Below are pictures of my work and the finish (master) piece. 😉


Hot glue biding the leather strips and circle rings together.

DSC_0021 IMG_20151107_211233


Also use hot glue on the back for extra firmness and rigidity.



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