Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

Today I interviewed Kathy Yoon for my artist conversation. She is a senior who’s majoring in ceramics (BFA). Her art works were intriguing yet captivating because it reminded me of so many animations I watched over the years. These dolls were made mostly out of ceramics with other materials such as tissues, porcelain clay, white rose paper clay, underglaze, and yarns. While she worked on these dolls, she would often listen to music to tune out the distractions. All of these dolls were physical interpretations and manifestations of memories and feelings she felt from last year. These feelings she felt were significant memories of hers, as well as a part of her life so she creates these dolls to represent her emotions . Each art piece took her any time ranging from two to six weeks. Kathy believes it is important to be silly, be yourself and most importantly, have fun and shouldn’t care what people think. Currently, the doll she likes the most is the one with the heart balloon.

IMG_20151105_165848 (1)

She claimed she doesn’t have a favorite doll since it might change over time. She chooses white as the primary color for these dolls because it does not distract other elements and colors, but can still make it stand out as a whole. Beth Cavener Stichter inspired her and took her interest in ceramic years ago. After Kathy graduates, she would like to continue to do this and become a designer for animation studios.

Name of Show: So Many Me’s.

Website: IG @ Kathy.C.Yoon

Pictures of Artist and Artworks

DSC_0029 (1)DSC_0017 (1)IMG_20151105_165921 (1)IMG_20151105_165827 (1)IMG_20151105_165740 (1)IMG_20151105_165604 (1)


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