Wk 10 – Activity – Game Design


Part 1 – Finding a Cache

Downloading the app onto my phone was easy, but the challenging part was to find the cache using the given coordinate for the one I chose. This location was actually close to my friend’s house since I was on my way there. Of course, I knew it would take me a long time to find the cache so I invited my friends to help me. It was a fun experience looking for a small cache container and it was well hidden too. With the help from my friends, we were able to find the cache at last. When I opened the cache, I saw this really cool eraser top so I traded a stamp for it. After the trading was done, I logged in the book and was on my way back to my friend’s house. Here is a picture of the cache I found.


Part 2 – Placing a Cache

For me, this was the best part because I’m the owner of this cache and of course, I know the EXACT location of this cache without using coordinates or GPS. Another cool experience was when I have to think of a good hiding place and making sure it’s not hard for people to find nor too dangerous. I was glad to hid my cache behind the Foundation Building at the base of the yellow wa*e*   h***a*t (HINT!!!). As for small trinkets, I just go around my house and collect them and put it all inside the small Altoids tin. Here are pictures of the location for the cache.


Take a careful look at this picture for a HINT. I recommend you to look at the left side of this picture.


The cache is not anywhere near this rock. It is 10-15 feet away.

If you want the coordinates and to have a real challenge of finding this wintergreen cache without my many hints listed above then I URGE you to do so. Here is the link.


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