Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Toni Abad

Hello readers! Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Toni Abad. When I asked for her name, she replied “Toni” and excited as I was, I said “Same here but with the Y at the end”. Toni is a second year student majoring in Psychology. She majored in Psychology because people’s thought processes are interesting and fascinating to her. In the near future, she would like to be a criminal psychologist. In ten years from today, she would expect to have her PhD in Psychology, become a criminal psychologist, be successful and live a comfortable life. Toni does not have a single and specific type of music since she listens to a little bit of everything such as songs on and from KIIS FM. A few of her favorite singers are: Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and P!nk. One of her favorite book is The Great Gatsby because her high school teacher made this book a fun and exciting read by bringing it to life as well as pushing her to be an active reader. If she could be anyone for one day, she would want to be Giada De Laurentiis because Giada is an influential character on the Food Network show. Besides from this, Toni loves food so by being her, she could make and eat delicious foods. If she can have three wishes, those would be:

  1. To have a big house so she can live with her grandparents and support them.
  2. To go as far as she can with her education such as getting her PhD.
  3. To inspire and help people around the world through the help of non-profit organizations.

Two of her favorite TV shows are: Once Upon a Time and How to Get Away with Murder. As for her favorite movie, it has to be Couples Retreat. If you would like to know more about Toni, check out her website.

Question of the Week!!

If she can explore the world, she would like to go to:

  1. Madrid, Spain and Scotland because both places have awesome foods and are beautiful.

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