Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

Hello, welcome to another artist conversation blog! Today at the galleries, I interviewed Thomas Cressman who is a senior majoring in Medal Art. The biological life forms and organisms inspired him to do the things he loved and he also has an interest in studying animals and the way they interact or move with one another. Another discovering point that sparked his interest in medal was during his high school years in a art class.


Thomas Cressman

The name of his show is Living Forms and it took him two days to put this show together. Each art piece took him anywhere from a week to four weeks to finish. He uses materials such as copper, steel and brass. For his art pieces, he would often look at shapes of animals and interpret that into his own abstraction by turning those interpretations into physical objects that are made out of medals. His favorite art work is the blue clamp, which was made out of 100% copper and as for the blue color, it was made by using ammonia. After his show, he is willing to sell some of his art pieces to deliver his inspiration and interpretations of animals and organisms to the consumers. He does not have a website but has an Instagram and you should check it out.

Below are some pictures of his art works.


Thomas’s favorite piece, the clamp

DSC_2395 DSC_2396 DSC_2397


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