Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin

For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Juan Martin, who is a senior majoring in sculpture (BFA). Charles Ray was the one who inspired and influenced him in the culture of art. He feels as if art is part of him and part of who he is because he appreciates the creativity in art. He stated that sculpture is an open idea because sculpting is limitless and art is always evolving, never stops, that is the beauty of art.

Below are two pictures of his art pieces on Thursday at the Gatov-East Gallery.

DSC_2307 DSC_2308

As for the mannequin sculpture, he based it on ideal representation of a mannequin that gives off human qualities/traits. Artificial things and items that wants to be alive and it’s like a representation and reflection of us. The mannequin was made out of concrete and it took him a couple of weeks to complete.

For the antelope animal art piece, he skinned one side of the animal so the audience can see what’s inside, primarily not the organs of the antelope but a mixture of organic contents with mechanical/machine representation. It was first made out of foam then he coated with dark gray graphite. This project took him two weeks to complete. He commented “This is like a WOW in your face type of project”. In the past, he works with a lot of antelope and deer so he naturally knows the body and physique of these animals and he feels comfortable working with this type of medium.

If you would like to see more of Juan’s work, check out his website.


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