WK 8 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

Today I had the pleasure of conversing with Mimi Haddon in front of the Merlino Gallery. She is from Santa Monica but now resides in Venice. She graduated from CSULB in 1994 majoring in graphic design. I was told that she spent hours behind a computer at work had made her realized that it was time for her to go back to school. This semester she did just that and returns to CSULB in hope of obtaining a MFA degree in fiber art. Currently, Mimi works as a professional photographer who specializes in conceptual portraits and still life images. The name of her show at today’s gallery is: Conversations Between Strangers. Mimi was inspired by the photographic documentation of Phyllis Galmbo and of Charles Freger.

IMG_20151015_183048 (1)IMG_20151015_182953 (1)

She decided to get her MFA in art and took an interest specifically in fiber art because she loved to work with her hands on tactile mediums. Her work mainly comprises of shredded pieces of T-Shirts as she sews it together. Her work took a month because she dissects each T-Shirt into long strips of cloth as she groups it together as elements via sewing. She buys her supplies, mainly T-Shirts at Goodwill stores. She loves this project because she can work on it while enjoying time with her son. Mimi stated she would cut the T-Shirts into thin strips and her son would stretch it out. Mimi finds T-shirts easy to work with and transform due to its 100% cotton material. She also mentioned that she uses all rainbow colors, specifically bright colors since it elevate her mood.

As for my last question for Mimi, I asked “As a mom, student, and a wife who works, how can you manage school?” She happily replied, “I use every minute!”.

DSC_2302 (1)

Mimi has two websites, one is a professional website designed for photography purposes, the other is a blog.


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