Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

Hello viewers!!! When I visited the Art Gallery Courtyard on Thursday, I ran straight inside the Gatov-West Gallery without a second thought because the view of it from the outside was lively and somewhat animated. Below are pictures of the works from her show: The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time.

DSC_2264 (1) DSC_2263 (1) DSC_2262 (1) IMG_20151009_181746 (2)

Jane is a junior who’s majoring in Ceramics. Before she attended CSULB, she went to a community college near her home in San Diego for two years. Her first major was actually graphic design. After she graduates, she will pursue and move on to grad school. As for the art pieces in her gallery, all of it were made out of ceramics, fibers, and tapes. The theme of her gallery was mainly focusing on her child hood. The gallery is filled with objects from her childhood memories, it is like a memoir of her personal life. Jane claimed that people’s childhood can be a form of art, specifically, identity art, which reflects upon themselves and who they are. Her entire show took two months to complete and roughly 36 hours to assemble all of the pieces together. Jane’s first gallery at the School of Art – Gallery Courtyard was stressful because she had to make all of those pieces in the studio by herself then assemble it in the Gatov-West gallery.

This show is personal to Jane because her childhood was very important to her. The theme of her show prove that all of these (her) memories did exist and actually happened and were not fabrications.

Jane’s biggest inspiration is Jessica Stockholder because Jessica is a sculptor artist who uses a lot of color. Speaking of color, Jane would die her hair black because she does not like attention. As for her free time, she work part time at a pottery studio. Currently, Jane does not have a website but you can check her page out on her Instagram at: Janemargarette.

Here is a picture of Jane and images from her childhood.

IMG_20151009_180156 (1)

DSC_2270 (1) DSC_2268 (1)


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