Wk 6 – Classmates Conversations – Aidan Dick & Franklin Chhay

Howdy!!!! Today, I was able to interview not just one classmate but two. Franklin or preferably as I was told just to call him Frank, is Cambodian and is currently a sophomore. He is majoring in Criminal Justice in hope to work in the law enforcement fiend, particularly working in the special forces (SWAT). On his free time, he talks to his girlfriend and family members. As for his hobby, he plays video games such as call of duty and grand auto theft. Frank is into knives, guns, and other weapons. Indeed, he does own couple of knives. He has an older sister and an older brother, luckily, he is the youngest sibling just like me. Frank has three dogs and their names are: Chloe, Ford, and Lola; he found Lola and Ford when they were both strays. Two thing I found in common are that we’re both superstitious (I don’t know if being Asians have anything to do with it) and secondly, we’re from North Long Beach. If you would like to know more about him, just out his website.

Now it’s time I introduce Aidan Dick. During the interview, I found out that she did not volunteered to collect our index ID cards but was voluntold (Note: voluntold is not an actual word but it has been used in the military a lot) by Glenn himself. Anyhow, Aidan is a first year student and is majoring is film. She wants to major in film because she likes to edit film since editors “get the final decision on a film”. Aidan also remarked “I would like to edit comedy films because editing a comedy movie can make the movie even funnier due to the timing”. She is originally from Arlington, VA. She has two younger sisters and unfortunately, she is the oldest. She lived in the great state of California when she was younger and always knew that CA has many good and popular film programs/schools and water polo teams. Due to these two reasons, she has decided to moved from Arlington, VA to Long Beach, CA. Aidan told me she was bad at land sport so when she tried out for water sport, specifically water polo, she liked and enjoyed it. She wants to find a job after she graduates from CSULB and wish not to go to graduate school because that translate to DEBT. I asked how can she manage school and be in sport simultaneously and she admitted that it’s hard but she enjoyed both. During junior standing and beyond, she will solely focus on film and not on water polo since she will be taking classes that are major specific. On her free time, she likes to watch movies and talk with friends. Check out Aidan’s website for more details.


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