Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Dawn Derry

Hello, welcome back!! On today’s post, I’ll be introducing an artist at the Dutzi Gallery. This past Thursday I was able to interview Dawn Derry, who is currently a senior majoring in drawing and painting. As a young child, she loves to draw and often draw a lot. She considers drawing to be some kind of crafting. Her grandmother realized her love for drawing so she taught Dawn to draw in the basement of her house. The first drawing that her grandmother taught her was a lilac, a type of flower. For your convenience, below is a picture of lilac flowers in case you were wondering what it look like.


As for her oil canvas paintings at the art gallery, she focuses on sky space, landscape, scenery and balance. For this particular art piece, it took her seven hours to complete. She told me she “uses complement colors and integrate other colors to make the black color”. The picture below represent the half dome in Yosemite.


These two art works are also done by her.

IMG_20151004_211348 IMG_20151004_211319

Currently, she does not have a website or other social media page. If you would like to know more about her art works or have any other questions, you can contact her by email at: dawn_derry@yahoo.com.


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