Wk 6 – Activity – Identity Art

Welcome back!! For today’s activity it’s all about Periscope!!! As I expect, this type of social media platform is giving a hard time and the app was confusing at first when I did my first broadcast. Sadly, I do not have a picture or a screen shot of me broadcasting via periscope app. Reason being is that I forgot that periscope delete the broadcast video after 24 hours. When I try to go back to replay my video, it was too late. However, I will tell you my awkward experience with Periscope. I did my first periscope video on my folding bike because I love it so much. It had saved me numerous times and allow me to get to classes on time on test days. It is very compact and from what I see, there are not a lot of folding bikes at school. I’m sure folding and unfolding a folding bike is relatively unfamiliar to most people so with the help of Periscope, I was able to broadcast a video globally. When I first opened the app, it took me a while as I was looking at all of the buttons and options from the app. After the app opened, I entered the title of my video, set the location and the peeps I want to share it with. After that I just introduce my bike and talk about the steps of folding the bike and put it inside the trunk of my car. Before I ended the broadcast, I was having trouble figuring out the stop button but was able to do so painlessly. There you have it. If you would like to try the app Periscope, I highly recommend you download and try it.


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