Wk 5 – Activity – Ethnography

Welcome back readers!!! Today’s post should be interesting since I’ll be talking about my experience of living in the dark without any electricity from sunset to sunrise. I actually did this last night and it was not fun, one being that I hate the dark and two I’m a superstitious person. Typically after the sunset, I would shower with lights, bathroom ventilation fan and music on. After my shower, I would eat dinner and relax a little bit for an hour by either watching TV or just simply walking around the house. With food in my stomach and some relaxation time for myself, following this is personal hygiene time before bed. Especially during the night time, I must turn on a night light so I can prevent myself from bumping my head or body on the wall or other physical objects.

With this week’s activity to spend a night with no electricity, I find it rather hard to live and function as normal. Technology has evolved and also made our lives easier and most of us take that for granted. Compare our lives now to our ancestors’, they had to live in the dark after the sun has set.

As for me, after the sun had set, I lit up candles all around my house and try my best to live and pretend as if the electricity is on. With the help of the candles, I was able to eat, read, and shower in dimmed light. I would still prefer the light from the candles rather than no light at all. At ten or so, I blew off the candles and went to bed. I know that sound boring but I tried to make that night to end as fast as possible.  Stay tune for more posts coming soon!!


Enjoying the light before it gets dark with a smile!!!


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