Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Jack Nguyen

Hello! How you doing? Today I was almost late to my favorite Art 110 class due to insane and limited number of parking spaces. While I was rushing to class, I saw Jack Nguyen making his ID card so I decided to interview him.

While I was talking to him, I found many similarities between him and I. First, we’re both Vietnamese who can speak the language fluently but have trouble with writing Vietnamese. Secondly, we both live in Long Beach. Thirdly, he likes EDM and so do I.

Jack is currently a senior majoring health science. Sadly, this is his last semester with the best university in the world. His first state of residence is New Mexico but then he moved to California, specifically to Santa Clarita. As fate takes him, he then moved to Long Beach by himself just to attend CSULB; previously, he attended New Mexico University. Currently, he is interning at and with the Long Beach Health Department. As for his future job, he would like to work as any job that is within the health care field. Besides job wise, on his free time, he goes rock climbing, play disc golf, drink beer and lastly, PARTYING!!. If you would like to know more about Jack or just be friend with him, please follow him on IG.


Question of the Week!

What do you swim in?

Jack replied: “I swim in music such as EDM, Hip-Hop, and trap”


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