Wk 5 – Artists Conversations – Krista Tsukashima & Roddy Hernandez

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Gatov-East Art Gallery to see the works of collaborating artists. The name of their show is called PAIRS. The one that I specifically chose to write about is from Krista and Roddy.


Krista and Roddy with their collaborative oil canvas painting.

I will talk about Krista Tsukashima first since I was able to interview her before Roddy in a crowded group. The top left hand side of the canvas is the work of Krista. The setting of this painting was at Big Bear with the Easter Seals YMCA. The YMCA hosts this camp for the mental and physical disabled patients where a safe and judge-free environments are top priorities. Gladly, Krista volunteered with the YMCA during this camp not just to help out but also to draw portraits of these amazing people. The subjects in her painting are the counselor who points with his finger and the one sitting next to him is one of the disabled patients. Krista was motivated to draw a portrait of them, especially the patient because she admired his facial features since it is prominent and angular. She had to snap a photo of the subjects and then drew off of it. The collaborative work with Roddy took two and a half weeks to finish. During the interview, she also stated “the disabled experience life in a different way. They are the light who are innocent and untainted.” If you are interested in knowing and seeing more of Krista’s work, you can follow her on IG.

After the crowd died out, I was able to talk to Roddy one-on-one. He is responsible for the art work in the mid to lower right portion of the canvas painting. Like Krista, there are two subjects too, one is himself and the other is his brother, Andrew. As you can see, the white and gold wave that is surrounding Roddy is a light that represents serenity and purity. He feels these when he draw his brother since his brother is keeping him safe and watching over him in heaven. Aside from this, Roddy loves to play pool and he is really good at it too. He showed me a photo of Andrew playing pool as well as pictures of him winning (regional) trophies. Unfortunately, he does not have a website or an Instagram.


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