Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Emily Hernandez

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Emily Hernandez at the Art Gallery Courtyard not only about her art work but also get to know her as an artist. Here is a picture of me with Emily.


That was a selfie painting of myself. Thanks Emily for the supplies .

Her dad is an immigrant from Mexico while her mom is from Arizona. Her mom taught her dad English and they’ve been together for over thirty years now. Emily is a fifth year college student and is also twenty three years old. She does have an older sister who’s a violinist. Emily and her family like to travel a lot and the places she had been were: Japan, Europe and Mexico.

Once she graduate, she will get her teaching credential to become an art educator/teacher that teaches kindergarten through high school. She stated that when she took art in high school during her senior year, she doubted herself and her ability to succeed in art. However, her art teacher inspired her and proved her wrong. Just like her art teacher, she wants to instill hope to others and teach others to enjoy and appreciate art. She mentioned that people are discourage in art because they have been taught the wrong way and she would like to change that. To Emily, art is about problem solving while re-examining everyday problems. When she draws, she sees other colors that allow her to appreciate life more.

When she was a kid, her school didn’t offer any art class so she taught herself how to draw. Now as an artist, she is specializing in oil painting, especially life portraits. Before she paints, she would think which color would be best and often, she would choose other colors as she goes. She paints people and animals she cares about, such as her boyfriend and her cat. She noted that on average, oil painting takes 3 months to dry completely. For oil painting, one must have time and patience. The nature of oil painting is difficult so it took her about two years of practice with trials and errors before she was able to do a self portrait of herself successfully. As for her side business, she paints portraits of other people’s pets and sell them. Below is one of many amazing oil paintings that she did. During the gallery art show, the title of her show was “Dear Ones” simply because all of these works were dear to her. If you would like to see more art work by Emily, just visit her Instagram page at: Missymonks

DSC_2158 (1)

Emily drew this portrait of herself with an aid of a mirror. This art work took her roughly 22 hours to complete.


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