Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Hello strangers, how was your weekend? Before I get off topic, let me focus on today’s post and that would be my experience and pleasure of conversing with Nick Bamford who created these giant humanoid figures.

DSC_2091     DSC_2088

DSC_2089     DSC_2090

During my interview, I got to know him a little bit. So far, I know that he’s from Huntington Beach and is a senior at CSULB majoring in ceramics. After he graduates, he will pursue his master’s degree in culture. As for a job, he wants to be a professional artist or a teacher. Besides from this, his favorite artist is Pablo Picasso because he is Nick’s biggest inspiration.

As for his art project, I was told that each giant humanoid/art work took two days to complete. He would create these giants in the ceramic area with little to no help at all. Each humanoid was made out of cement plaster and stable clay. As for the other materials, he just gather it off of his surroundings and use recycled objects. He’s been doing this for ten years and his first art work was a plaster casting of his hand. Nick took ceramic class in senior year of high school and ever since then, he knew he wanted to be an artist.

For the theme of his art work, Nick told me that it is based on wide range of interpretations. A lot of his work are personal and he does not have a specific theme that he focuses on. Also, for this art gallery, he does not have a title of show or title of any specific works.

Now I will talk about my interpretations of his amazing work. While I was walking from gallery to gallery, I found his to be the most interesting because it is huge and kind of creepy. I also found this to be interesting because this reminded me of my anatomy extra credit assignment to the bodies human exhibition. Aside from this, the texture of the art work is something I have never seen before. Of course I have seen cement but combining cement and stable clay to create giant humanoid figures are pure awesomeness.

Here is a picture of Nick while being interviewed by other Art 110 students. Even though he does not have his own website but he does have an Instagram and you can follow him at: NickBamf4d. Have a wonderful week and don’t be shy to come back to check out for more. Bye!



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