Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

Hey readers, how’s your week so far? This week has been insanely hot for me and I bet it must have been the same for you too. Before I get off topic, let me go straight into my main topic for this blog, social photography or IG Day. This is my first time engaging in this type of activity that involves using Instagram to make a giant group/class selfie. I think this is a cool and a unique way to meet other classmates on Instagram and also get to see the types or styles of photography they would post. As for the four pictures requirement that needed to be uploaded on IG, I have decided to use three of my own and two from other classmates.


My friend Annel and I at Costco goofing around!


Nice scenery is a plus while having lunch on the grass.


These are some of the art pieces/works that were made by Nick Bamford, a senior at CSULB who’s majoring in Ceramics.

Julia Nicole on Instagram- “Sometimes it's okay to break the 1 insta per day rule #art110f15 ft. the bae, Minyoncé”.clipular

Unique picture from classmate Julia Hodgdon

Nele Barber on Instagram- “Love that view #art110f15 #pyramid #csulb”.clipular

Awesome picture from classmate Nele Barber

On our class portrait/giant selfie Instagram page, I see a lot of interesting pictures posted by other classmates. Pictures all varied, from scenery to foods to pets to even the classic selfies. Every picture is unique in its own way and none is better nor worse than others. As far as connection goes, I do see a trend in my own activities compare to other classmates. For instance, there are several pictures posted on the class selfie IG page that are similar to the picture I took while having lunch on the grass. When I said similar, I meant in terms of filters and category; which in this case is scenery. This does not surprise me at all because even though ideas are limitless, as humans we produce a lot of similar photos unconsciously. I would say it does feel like a community of some sort because we share post similar photos with similar ideas.

Again, I have enjoyed this activity and look forward to the next one. When that time comes, you are welcome to visit this blog to see more posts. See you soon!


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