Wk 2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

Welcome to my second post! Sadly, this Thursday I did not get an opportunity to go to the Seal Beach Pier. Instead, I waited until today (Sunday) to go to Laguna Beach and Alamitos Beach with my sister Tracy. Today, the waves are not that crazy and strong but there were a lot of people, I guess it’s because of Labor Day weekend. Anyhow, I was able to find a spot on the beach to do my plaster casting project. Now I will talk about my process (steps) of making a cast of my foot.

1. I used a metallic shovel and dug a hole, not too deep nor shallow, then I insert my foot inside the hole at an angle and dumped damped sands inside it.

2. As my whole foot is being covered and submerged in sands, my sister stepped and pressed down on the sands surrounding my ankle so the mold of the foot can actually look like a foot once the plaster hardened.

3. Now I slowly pulled out my foot at an angle and begin to mix the plaster.

4. As for mixing the plaster, I poured one carton of plaster and one half carton of water inside my art bucket, then stir it fast and hard.

5. I then poured the mixed plaster slowly inside the mold and simply wait for 30 minutes.

6. As I wait for the plaster to harden, I built sand walls around my molding site to prevent unexpected and strong waves to reach my casting.


7. Once 30 minutes had past, I slowly dug the sand with my two bare hands to get the mold out of the sands completely. I prefer this method over using a shovel to dig my plaster up because I’m afraid the shovel might cut some part off of the mold.


The mold is completely out of the sand. Look pretty neat and actually like a foot and not deformed.

The mold is completely out of the sand. Look pretty neat and actually like a foot and not deformed.

8. Use the paint brush to brush off excess sands off of the mold.


9. Enjoy the artwork!!



My sister Tracy with her own casting of her foot.



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